Shadows and Light

by Alter the Tides

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first full length album, songs of evil, corruption and the decomposed state of America


released April 24, 2015

John Wagoner - Lead Vocals

Travis Foster - Lead Guitar- Backing Vocals *lead vocals on tack 3 & 7*

Kelly Banks - Drums - *backing vocals*

Sam Gilbert - Bass Guitar *backing vocals* (Former Bassist)

Jake Washburn - Rhythm Guitar

Stephen Van Moses: Album Artwork



all rights reserved


Alter The Tides Bangor, Maine

True metalcore, The 5 piece outfit contains five talented musicians, based out of Bangor, Maine. A signature heavy thrashing, crashing sound of Alter the Tides. Solos, catchy riffs, with an intense rhythm section topped off with a brutal vocal style and the most intense live show you will ever see!

first release is free on this site only the "closure" Ep

full length shadows and light out soon.
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Track Name: This Demon Earth
Everyday we fight
a fight to control ourselves
Presence of a demence within our bones

To loose sight of all
the hopes and dreams that we once had

to confine humanity to extinction
then kill ourselves

There is no hope for tomorrow
(because of human greed)
It sears our earth it plagues our world
this realm of decay

they're all dead how could we sink so low
Track Name: Convicts
How many can escape, The lies that procreate
Falsified and compromised
Abomination base, on the lives we undertake

Now were all held hostage, by this ball and chain
20 Years i've served
How many remain?

How do we live with the violent crimes
forced upon us every day
we will go on with our lives
regretting everyday we listend to you

Never again will we listen to you.
Track Name: A Cure for the Common Discomfort
We've been prescribed our fate
Our future lies in the hands of those who work for
The ones who have designed this tragedy
Fooling the world and causing misery

By letting ourselves feel this pain
Is to shed light on all of the hopeless
Only once every addictions betrayed
Will immunity rain down upon us

We will not let this discomfort take over our lives
They've given us what we need to breathe temporarily
But newfound agony is all that it conveys
Medicate the weak until they trust that it is fine to live
With no pain but pain teaches us to value our lives

I've seen this,
Take over those who have no weakness
Immunity only lies with the selfless
Bridging the gap in thought between our senses
Narrowing the road that will save us

Breathing in the fumes
Discarded sense of deja vue
Numbing yourself from every touch
Expulsion from the ache that this world can bring

We must decide,
To survive
A painful life
With unguarded eyes
To save ourselves
Track Name: Darkest Days
the smoke has cleared
our eyes are
the dream is over

were waking up
to a dead new world
were crossing over to a self damn native hell

they say we are falling
we've hit the fucking ground

these darkest days are upon us all
nothing more remains but a subtle thought of paradise

Cry to your god
He serves you no such pity
Because in the end
One life serves on duty
Track Name: The New World Order
The New World Order is upon us all
todays the day to wake up and disobey the beckon call

we have no time left
this is not make believe
this is reality
stand up with me

the iluminous one, has cast down those not worthy
slaughtering the weak, murdering the poor
the iluminous one, has cast down those not worthy
killing all creative minds
burning all that is unique

Today is the day we shed light on govermental lies

todays the day that we must leave our past far behind
were on the verge of global scale war
now is the time to fight there is no time to mourn

we must rise together and take control, for its our destiny revolution behold
Track Name: Live to Die
Glorified through the eyes of a sinner
Deception from the hands of a hypocrite
Lies that deceive even the greatest of mind
Bury the dead while we pray for a new existence

Swallowed by the darkness

You saved my life tomorrow but will save me now
We all must die some day so whats the fucking point
Instruments on the past can't be used for the future
What does the future hold?
Nothing but empty abyss

Were all living in wait for the end of our precious lives
Believing that there is something after this life
False spiritual figures and a false sense of peace
Who are you all kidding no one believes in god

The thought of losing our conscious minds
Ss simply more than we can take
Accept the facts, succumb to reason
Believe that we can create a better world

Swallowed, by the, darkness, on the outside
Track Name: A Positive Light in the Midst of all Darkness
Slowly burning into the flesh that stands guard before our eyes
A fire like the early reflections of screaming children
That forces us the see with closed eyes even when were not viewing
In a place we thought we were alone

We breathe the errors of those who lie back and watch
As those those of us who contest remain alive
Under lights of synthetic tyrants

Waiting for the expenditure of our lives
To reach there final attainment
When we die we will be rewarded
For the sins that we have passed
And the lives that we've reserved

We breathe into the sky (Short breaths of hope)
Dimmed by our calloused eyes
We exhale as our lives run grey (Darkened by)
The translation we form everyday

With every glimmer of red we grasp
These scars burn their way through
Defying the onset of what we can perceive
Opening the threshold for these petrifying thoughts
That linger until we submit to mortality

Forced to live a life born to hate
Forced to die a death ended with pain
Forced to die with pain
Track Name: Faith Compromised
There's been a murder
They saw it with their own eyes
And refuse a verdict

We've fought the battles
They've waged the wars
Thousands lie dead behind the trenches
As they watch from the shores

American Infection
Kill the authority and murder the protection

There's been a suicide
Of every lost soul that been compromised
And still they choose to detain
Those of us of a different faith
Track Name: Unspoken
We all sit here together in this bomb shelter country
Waiting for the day when our shelter fails to protect us
The day when we get what we deserve for slaughtering million
We are hypocrites and now we will see what others have seen
Those to blame are safe, as for everyone else it is too fucking late

Black out the sun

I'll try to better myself the day I kill myself
On your front doorstep

Our time is wasted the future's been shattered
And now there's no telling what it will hold
The sand on the aging have spilled to the floor
And now their stories can't be retold

Digging our own graves
Building our own casket
No one shows up to the funeral
This is our funeral

The sun is crashing down
We are all dead
This is the end of the world
Track Name: System Failure
This is a constant battle (War)
That we have to fight
We can't kill em' all
That notions been denied
And now there's nothing left
But once mistaken pride
You've brought this on
You all brought this here, Go!

What anomalies await you
Living with the dead
The martyrs will bleed through
And leave you in the ground
The holes in our hands show right through
System failure
You've been used
Track Name: A Brutal Insight
All the anger in my veins
These regrets I share with you today
A promise broken, trust betrayed
Exiled and now I have to go away

Bought protection
All generations

I can't foresee
These broken bodies infront of me

Innocence under investigation
One inferior motivation, to fuck us all
With no discrimination, no divides
All in single file lines